Orig3n Brand Guide
Brand messaging, tone of voice, and sample work to get audiences excited about new opportunities in life science.
[DNA Tests.]

Rakuten Advertising Manifesto
Getting the client fired up for an entirely new vision and mission for their entire global brand.
[Affiliate Advertising.]

SoftBank Robotics Messaging
Brand platform and product messaging. Tone of voice, values and personality, company philosophy. Before-and-after copy. All to inspire and reassure.
[Human-Interfacing Robotics.]

Norwest Venture Partners Tone of Voice
Pitch deck for new, people-focused brand personality – featuring introductory brand archetypes, key tone of voice attributes, and before-and-after samples.
[Venture Capital.]

Norwest Venture Partners Messaging
Extending the basic brand platform and voice to capture the company's new mission, differentiators, and day-to-day language.
[Venture Capital.]

Positive Resource Center Manifesto
Building understanding and advocacy for an important cause and an important group.
[HIV/AIDS and Mental Health Services.]

Origami Logic Tone of Voice
Defying traditional voice and messaging in a crowded marketplace. Tonal attributes, with before-and-after samples.
[Marketing Data Analytics.]

Omissa Manifesto
Kicking off a major rebrand of an established leader with an inspiring new story.
[Cloud-Based Workspaces.]



Cadent Addressable TV Playbook
Explaining a complex new concept and technology in clear, conversational language.
[TV Marketing Targeting.]

Cisco Umbrella Use Case E-Book
Introducing complex challenges, solutions, and benefits in clear and compelling detail.

UiPath Automation Trends E-Book
Interviewing industry experts to compile an inspiring look at what the future holds.



Qlik Data Visualizaton Infographic
Colorfully educating audiences on the new possibilites (and capabilities) within a platform.
[Data Analytics and Integration.]

Cisco Cyberthreat Interactive Infographic
Compiling key data and insights in a visually compelling format.

Bunge Oil Infographic
Pitching product and capabilities to a potentital partner with the hard facts and a fresh look.
[Cooking Oil Manufacturing.]



Box Drive Blog Post
Introducing a new technology in a fun and surprising tone.
[Cloud Data Sharing and Management.]

Orig3n Trial-and-Error Medicine Blog Post
Raising provocative new possibilities in a thought-leadership piece.
[Regenerative Medicine.]

Wine Direct Wine Enthusiast Article
Providing useful advice to audiences, while still making the pitch.
[Winery Operations.]

Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Intelligence Blog
Driving thought-leadership by demonstrating a new industry philosophy backed by innovative technologies.
[Affiliate Advertising.]



Orig3n Back-to-School Promo
Emails and social posts promoting product to a particular audience, with some insider humor.
[DNA Tests.]

Qlik "Whole Story" Social Posts
Getting audiences to question their assumptions about data in surprising ways.
[Data Analytics.]

LinkedIn Santander Case Study and Blog
Selling customers by sharing real stories and results, from surveys and interviews.
[Sales Tools.]

Marketplace Flavor Guide
Demonstrating agency capabilities by creating a welcoming narrative.
[Food Marketing.]



All-New Box Keynote
Grabbing attention launching a new product live to a global audience.
[Cloud Data Sharing and Management.]

UiPath Automation Trends Webinar
Updating audiences on the latest industry trends with a complete talk, with accompanying slides.

Positive Resource Center Video Script
Entreating and educating audiences to find support for the people who need it most.
[HIV/AIDS and Mental Health Services.]